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Use your account login details provided through your registered email address to access our trading/partner portal.

New to Eurivex? Apply for a new account. Tip: Have a copy of your passport and utility bill available and the account application process should take less than 5 minutes.

Payment Methods

Annual safekeeping and custody fees are settled only by Bank Transfers via our secure payment gateway.

Risk Announcement

Where the Company provides, at the Client's initiative, Investment Services that only consist of the reception and transmission and/or execution of Client orders, with or without the provision of ancillary services, in relation to shares admitted to trading on a regulated/unregulated markets or other non-complex Financial Instruments, the Company may provide those Investment Services to the Client without assessing the appropriateness of the Financial Instrument or service provided to the Client and therefore he does not benefit from the corresponding protection of the relevant conduct of business rules.

We have made some changes to the order execution policy, which you may view on our web site. Please note that our policies may be changed at any time provided notice is given to you.

Where the Company provides to the Client Investment Services other than Investment Advice and Portfolio Management and the Client does not provide the information regarding his knowledge and experience or where he provides insufficient information, the Company will not be able to determine whether the Service or Financial Instrument envisaged is appropriate for him.

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